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master thesis

In my master thesis, I calculate the ├ętale cohomology (with torsion coefficients) of Fargues-Scholze's stack \( \mathrm{Bun}_G \) for \( G = \mathrm{GL}_2 \). More precisely, I can show that the inclusion \(\mathrm{Bun}_2^{\mathrm{ss}} \hookrightarrow \mathrm{Bun}_2 \) of the semi-stable locus induces an isomorphism on ├ętale cohomology. This calculation involves a proof that the dualizing complex \( R(\mathrm{Bun}_2 \to \mathrm{Spd}(\overline{\mathbb{F}}_q))^{!}\Lambda\) is given just by \( \Lambda \) itself. I am currently trying to remove the errors in a previous version, and will upload a new one as soon as this is done.

lecture notes

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